Here at Natural Cycle Energy, we offer real time data center cooling solutions that combine the patented ISECS (Indivudal Server Enclosure Cooling System) with the patented MECS (Multistage Evaporative Cooling System).

Let’s face it: data centers are here to stay and an ever-growing part of our economy. With constant demands within the IT community, data centers continue to grow in both number and size. One of the biggest sustainability issues with data centers today is cooling. While there are quite a few limitations and inefficiencies to air cooling a data center, liquid cooling devices at either rack level or proximity offer the capability of reducing power consumption and allow data centers to operate with higher-density racks. Essentially, rack-level liquid cooling can reduce a data center’s IT (and environmental) footprint by up to 80%!

Our Data Center Cooling is comprised of our Individual Server Enclosure System (ISECS), which is a r$ Ventures Fan Coil Unit. This is a cold water and cold air delivery system that efficiently delivers cooling to data center racks with loads of 35 KW and higher on a real time basis.

Our ISECS adjusts to cool the actual rack load in real time by adjusting water flow to meet cooling loads and providing cool air back to the data center space based on the temperature you set. Our ISECS eliminates CRACs, CRAHs, containment ducts, and can even be incorporated into designs with raised floors or placed above racks over aisles.

Our ISECS is a green way to cool your data center with earth’s natural water cycle. To learn more, contact us today!