A Real Time Data Center Cooling System (RTDCCS) is created by combining ISECS (Indivudal Server Enclosure Cooling System) with MECS (Multistage Evaporative Cooling System). By combining these two patented cooling solutions, the RTDCCS can save data centers 60 to 85% of their cooling energy costs.

Patents for Real Time Data Center Cooling System (RTDCCS)

MECS is a cold water and cold air production system that is used in cooling of IT equipment applications, industrial process cooling applications, commercial and industrial building cooling applications and hospital cooling applications. The unique technology and components of the MECS uses the earth’s nature water cycle and laws of thermodynamics to produce cooling and does not incorporate any high energy using traditional mechanical refrigeration compressors and does not use Freon type refrigerants including hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs). MECS is scalable from 10 tons to over 3000 tons of equivalent mechanical refrigeration. Based on ASHRAE summer condition design parameters for Phoenix AZ (110°FDB and 70°FWB), MECS produces cold air (54.8°F), cold water (56.8°F), or both at the same time while using 60 to 85% less energy.

Data Center Cooling

Individual Server Enclosure Cool System (ISECS) – Fan Coil Unit
The Individual Server Enclosure Cooling System (ISECS) fan coil unit is a cold water and cold air delivery system that provides process cooling to data center enclosures (Racks) or any other electrical and electronic enclosure with loads up to 35 KW on a Real Time basis.

  • Process cooling adjusts to cool the actual load of the Rack by increasing or decreasing water flow to the cooling coils and increasing or decreasing the fan speed in the ISECS fan coil unit to match the load in real time. (Accomplished via the real-time monitoring and control system)
  • Adjusts water flow and fan speed in ISECS fan coil unit to meet cooling loads in Real Time (loads can vary between low 1 KW and high 50 KW)
  • The anticipated hot air temperatures exiting the server racks in 125°F ±5°F.
  • Uses 75°F ± 5°F in the precooling stage (precooling coil in the ISECS fan coil unit) and 65°F ±45°F in the final cooling stage (final cooling coil in the ISECS fan coil unit), both cool water flows coming from MECS
  • Provides 70°F to 80.6°F (80.6°F is the ASHRAE recommended maximum white space air temperature) cool air back to Data Center space based on set point temperature.
  • Eliminates CRACs and CRAHs in the white space freeing up space for additional server racks. (More data center capacity and more revenue opportunities)
  • Eliminates hot aisle and/or cold aisle containment ducts
  • ISECS fan coil units can be incorporated into raised floor designs or placed above the Individual Racks over the aisles.

Comparison of Data Center White Space Temperature Profiles

5 feet above Raised Floor

The RTDCCS recaptures lost capacity in Data Centers as loads per rack increase due to increased densities and lack of properly designed cooling system capacities saving DC Owner / Operators millions of dollars and delays the need to build a new DC.

“The Elephant in the Room is Lost Capacity”