Advantages for Your Company

  • The agreement is a month-to-month service agreement. The Client may terminate at any time upon three-day notice. So the transaction is off­ balance sheet and not required to be in the footnote section of client’s Financials.
  • Since our Private Equity firm pays for 100% of the project, the PE Firm is the customer, so no RFP should be necessary for other suppliers on our projects.

Target Markets

The target markets include commercial and industrial buildings, warehouses, data centers, manufacturing plants, cities, schools, hospitals, airports, hotels, and casinos.

Best Projects Generating the Most Savings

  • MECS replacing Chillers, Real Time Data Center Cooling Systems.
  • LED lighting, Chillers, Waste Water Treatment Systems.
  • Self Generation of Power (natural gas turbines or combustion engines).

The Company

The Private Equity firm is a large investment fund dedicated to financing sustainability projects where budgets or other restrictions limit the client. We focus on funding solutions for energy efficiency, fuel efficiency, water conservation, and waste recycling.

Need To Save Energy, Water and Fuel

Most businesses know they could be spending 30-70 percent less on energy, water, and fuel. There are really great, innovative products readily available to achieve these goals, such as industrial cooling systems. While companies have a plan, they don’t always have the CAPEX budget to spend hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars to get their sustainability renovation projects done. They are potentially wasting money every month.

Who Does What?

You choose from your regular suppliers, or we can help you find one. The Private Equity firm pays 100% of the cost for the equipment and labor. Then, we meter usage, and together we share in the actual savings.

Our Solution Instead of Other Financing

We can be used alongside or in place of: cash, credit lines, loans, leases, bonds, or an ESCO performance contract. If you don’t have to use your credit line for these projects, you can use it elsewhere.

What We Finance

Energy / Water / Fuel projects such as: boilers, chillers, LED lighting, water systems, generators, motors, vehicles, and more. We typically work with renovation or retrofit projects where some kind of old equipment can be replaced to achieve operational efficiencies and save energy, such as upgrading cooling technology or switching to a new water cooling system.

How We’re Different

  • The private equity firm is a financing company, not a product vendor or supplier.
  • It shares the actual energy savings with you and aims to get you an increasing share each month.
  • Its contract is very simple, usually four to six pages.
  • Its web based platform automatically calculates your monthly savings and the monthly sharing amount.

Advantages for the Client

  • The project is fully paid for, without your using your capital.
  • The sharing mechanism provides for new free cash flow.
  • The transaction is completely off balance sheet.
  • You can end the agreement anytime on 3 days notice.
  • Differentiated from a lease, loan, ESCO offering, or a performance contract.