• Is the first patented system in our technology portfolio.
  • Is scalable from 10 to over 3000 tons.
  • Has NO compressors and uses NO refrigerants.
  • Has a water cooling system that can deliver cold water and cold air to 8 °C below ambient air wet bulb temperature (depending on geographical location).
  • Has first costs within ±20% of traditional mechanical refrigeration systems.
  • Provides 60 to 80 percent energy savings compared to traditional mechanical refrigeration systems and a corresponding 60 to 80 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from power plants through the energy reduction.
  • Provides 100 percent cooled or heated fresh air (100 percent air exchange) in commercial buildings, hospital and medical facilities, industrial buildings, warehouse facilities, casinos and hotels, and other large building spaces.
  • Provides process cooling water for manufacturing, food and beverage, and oil, gas, and chemical processing industries.
  • Is equipped with a programmable logic controller (PLC) with custom SCADA software.
  • Integrates with existing Energy Management Systems and Manufacturing Energy Management Systems.

Notice of Allowance has been issued by the USPTO on our Advanced Multi-Purpose, Multi-stage Evaporative Cold Water/Cold Air Generating and Supply System – Application Number 13/624,912 and a US Patent Number 8,899,061 published on December 2, 2014. A PCT patent application has been filed, and countries will be selected in the 4th quarter of 2014.

Energy Efficient Cooling Systems Target Markets

  • Commercial, Industrial, and Warehouse Buildings – Intelligent … Smart Buildings
  • Hospitals and Medical Facilities – Intelligent … Smart Buildings
  • Data Centers – Intelligent … Smart Buildings; the MECS provides energy efficient data center cooling.
  • Turbine Inlet Cooling (natural gas combustion turbines); cold inlet air increases turbine efficiency by 5 to 30 percent.
  • Compressed Air Systems Inlet Air Cooling (compressed air systems); cold inlet air increases compressor efficiency by 5 to 30 percent.
  • Casino and Hospitality Buildings and Spaces
  • Semi-conductor Manufacturing Facilities
  • Large and Small Scale Manufacturing Process Cooling
  • Food and Beverage Processing Plants
  • Industrial Manufacturing or Processing Plants (Plastics, Chemicals, Gases, etc.)


Click here to view – White Paper – Preliminary Temperature Performance Evaluation of the MECS for TIC and Compressed Air Systems