Crenlo’s Emcor Enclosures and R4 Ventures Enter Partnership — Data Centers Can Reduce Energy Costs up to 85% with New Cooling Technologies

Rochester, MN – July 23, 2015. Crenlo, an international leader in the manufacturing of cab
and equipment enclosures, announced today that its Emcor Enclosures business unit and R4
Ventures LLC (R4V) have entered into a joint marketing venture where the two companies
will partner to offer new cooling technologies for data centers.
Data center energy usage has risen dramatically the past 10 years and will continue to grow
in-step with the processor-intensive, high-density applications used in high performance
computing. Cooling is not only a logistical challenge that can cause significant downtime and
lost capacity, but it is also costly for data centers, representing up to 40% percent of a data
center’s energy usage. R4V’s patented Real Time Data Center Cooling System technology
paired with Emcor’s high quality server enclosure cabinets can save the average data center
50% to 85% on cooling energy usage and costs.

“R4V offers a critical energy efficient cooling option for the data center market,” said Kevin
Jackson, business development manager for Emcor Enclosures. “The sheer size and cooling
needs of data centers today have surpassed many of the cooling applications currently
available. R4V and Emcor Enclosures are now positioned to provide significant energy and
cost savings that will drive the market for years to come,” added Jackson.
“R4V applies semiconductor clean room process cooling methods (versus traditional
comfort cooling) to data center server enclosure heat loads. This patented method cools heat
loads before hot air enters data center space. Our technologies eliminate hot and cold aisles
and expensive containment. We cool and control fluctuating enclosure heat loads in real
time and maintain a ± 2 °F data center space set point temperature,” said Dr. Darrell
Richardon, chief executive officer for R4V.

About Crenlo.

Crenlo, an operating unit of International Equipment Solutions, LLC, and
based in Rochester, Minn. and is a leading manufacturer of operator cabs and roll over
protective structures under the Cab Products brand, and consoles and enclosures under the
Emcor Enclosures brand. Since it’s first product was designed and manufactured over 60
years ago, Crenlo has become an industry leading company, serving customers in numerous
markets, and developing long-term relationships with many of the nation’s most respected
Fortune 100 companies.

About R4 Ventures LLC.

R4 Ventures LLC is a technology company creating disruptive
commercial and industrial cooling technologies with the goal of reducing high energy consuming
compressors and environmentally hazardous refrigerants. Its patented technologies provide cold
water and/or cold air at temperatures close to temperatures generated by traditional mechanical
refrigeration systems, such as chillers and central cooling plants. R4V creates superior energy and
environmental technologies and solutions for its licensees, global partners, customers and local,
regional, national and global governments through engineering, design, research and

About International Equipment Solutions, LLC.

IES is a global engineered equipment
platform serving the construction, agriculture, data networking infrastructure, landscaping,
recycling, demolition, mining, and energy markets. IES has seven operating units, including
Paladin Attachments, Genesis, Pengo, Jewell and CWS, all of whom are leading
manufacturers of engineered attachment tools for operator driven equipment; and Siac do
Brasil, the leading supplier of heavy equipment cab enclosures and locomotive subassemblies
in the South American market, and Crenlo. IES employs over 2,700 people and
operates 19 manufacturing facilities across North America, Europe and South America.

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