R4 Ventures LLC (R4V), a Research and Development company, has developed new disruptive commercial and industrial cooling technologies based on the earth’s natural water cycle and eliminates high energy consuming compressors and environmentally hazardous refrigerants. Our Green / Clean-tech patented technologies incorporating evaporative cooling systems and evaporative cooling towers provides cold water and/or cold air temperatures close to temperatures generated by traditional mechanical refrigeration systems such as chillers and central cooling plants at reduced first costs of the system and significant cooling energy cost savings of 60 to 85%. R4V’s initial focus is on the Data Center (DC) market which currently uses 2.5% of the total electricity produced in the United States in the operation of DCs with 40% of this electricity being used for cooling DC server racks equating to a $16+ Billion market opportunity.

The R4V cooling solutions are disruptive technologies that will transform the way we cool Data Centers, Commercial Buildings, Industrial Buildings, Manufacturing Plants, and Processing Plants. Process cooling market focus is on large industrial markets which benefit greatly from the resulting increased efficiency and product production from an inexpensive method of producing lower temperatures of process cold water and air. Numerous industries will benefit from this including Electric Utilities (Natural Gas Combustion Turbine Inlet Air Cooling and Air Cooling Condensers), Oil and Gas Refineries and Pipelines (Compressed Air Systems (Inlet Air Cooling and Process Cooling Water), Food Processing Plants (Process Cooling Water), Chemical and Gases Processing Facilities (Process Cooling Water) and Metal, Plastics, and Semi-conductor Manufacturing Facilities (Process Cooling Water). By inexpensively reducing process cooling water and air temperatures, process efficencies and product production can be increased by 5 to 25%.