Our Mission

Our purpose is to research, develop, design, engineer, and commercialize innovate technologies and solutions in our industries of expertise that are energy, environment, security, and human life sustaining. We create and commercialize technologies and solutions for our licensees; global partners; customers; and local, regional, national, and global governments in a cost-effective, safe, reliable, efficient, and environmentally sound manner.

Learn More About Natural Cycle Energy From R4 Ventures LLC (R4V)

Our company has developed new commercial and industrial cooling technologies inspired by the earth’s own natural water cycle. This new cooling technology eliminates compressors which require huge amounts of energy as well as environmentally hazardous refrigerants. Our clean, eco-friendly technologies create temperatures close to those generated by traditional refrigeration systems while reducing costs up to 80 percent.

We’re Applying Our Eco-Friendly Cooling Technology

Our initial focus will be on data center cooling systems. Data centers currently use 2.5 percent of electricity in the United States. 40 percent of that energy is used by the data center HVAC system to cool the server racks, which must be kept cool in order to continue operating. Applying our green technology can revolutionize the way we cool the nation’s data centers and opens up a $16+ billion market to our disruptive technology. With the costs of cooling data centers and other industrial processes lowered, these companies could see increases in their production of up to 25 percent.

Other large industrial markets will benefit from our cool technology, including:

  • Electric Utilities (Natural Gas Combustion, Turbine Inlet Air Cooling, and Air Cooled Condensers)
  • Oil and Gas Refineries and Pipelines (Compressed Air Systems, Inlet Air Cooling, and Process Cooling Water)
  • Food Processing Plants (Process Cooling Water)
  • Chemical and Gases Processing Facilities (Process Cooling Water)
  • Metal, Plastics, and Semiconductor Manufacturing Facilities (Process Cooling Water)

The Mission of Natural Cycle Energy (NCE)

Natural Cycle Energy, in conjunction with R4V, is on a mission to create new technologies for better energy, environment, security, and life-sustaining solutions. We’re currently focused on transforming the way our licensees; global partners; customers; and local, regional, national, and global governments think about data center cooling systems.



Below is a status on our patents. The complete file wrappers are available on the public pair website of the USPTO. Search the Patent Numbers 8857204, 9445530, 9476649 and 8899061 (no / or commas) to see all information on each patent.

Current Patents

The first patented system is the Multistage Evaporative Cooling System (MECS). US Patent Number 8,899,061 was published on December 2 2014. The second patented system is the Real Time Electronic Enclosure Cooling System (RTEECS) (hereinafter Individual Server Enclosure Cooling System or ISECS). US Patent Number 8,857,204 was published on October 14, 2014. A Real Time Data Center Cooling System (RTDCCS) is created by combining RTEECS (ISECS) with MECS. By combining these two cooling solutions, the RTDCCS can save data centers 60 to 85% of their cooling energy costs.

Current USPTO Continuation and Continuation in Part Filings

R4 Ventures LLC filed a continuation on the Real Time Electronic Enclosure Cooling System in which a patent was granted on September 16, 2016 (RTEECS – (ISECS CON 1) – US 9445530 September 16, 2016).

Additionally, a continuation in part (CIP) was filed and was granted on October 25, 2016 (RTEECS – (ISECS CIP 1) – US 9476649 October 25, 2016) making the cooling systems even more energy efficient and functional. The Real Time Electronic Enclosure Cooling System is being improved by integrating the control system of the Individual Server Enclosure Cooling System (ISECS Fan Coil Unit) to control the fans and air flow dampers of individual servers within a server rack. Important note, 10 to 40% of the power used by servers is used by the server’s internal fans cooling the servers. The ISECS fan(s) can provide most, if not all, the air flow draw through the servers allowing for the server fans to be slowed considerably turned off. This improvement can save Billions of additional dollars in data center cooling costs by cutting the IT power in data centers at the server level by an additional 10 to 40% on top of what MECS and the ISECS can already save in energy costs.

R4 Ventures LLC’s patent estate now consists of 4 US patents, and 1 US patent continuation in part.