Want to eliminate the use of toxic chemical biocides in your cooling technology?

Energy efficient cooling systems require proper water use technology. Check out our marketing partner, ProChemTech’s, “green,” patented, electrolytic bromine technologies:

SSBrom, MiniBrom and ElectroBrom

Need to reduce cooling tower water use?

Check out our marketing partner, ProChemTech’s, patented HighCycle and SofTek water use reduction technologies for industrial cooling systems.

ProChemTech International, Inc. was organized in its present form following the 1987 purchase of Brockway Glass Company, a Fortune 500 manufacturer, by a competitor. Corporate engineering and research staff involved with environmental services, water and wastewater treatment, raw materials, glass surface treatment, laboratory services, and plant/equipment design and engineering were recruited to form the core management group of ProChemTech. Present staff combines excellent research and development capacity with substantial industrial operations and engineering experience. The firm is privately held and has expanded to nationwide sales activity with offices in many major cities. The company operates manufacturing facilities in both Pennsylvania and Arizona with their headquarters and main laboratory located in Brockway, PA.


The goal of the firm is to provide commercial, industrial, and municipal clients with a state of the art “single source” combining chemistry, systems design, and engineering; for solutions to water and wastewater management problems. In pursuit of this goal, the company has developed its own proprietary system designs and manufactures its own specialized treatment equipment as well as boiler, cooling water, and wastewater treatment chemicals. An associated firm, Analytical Services, Inc., functions as an “in-house” laboratory, providing USEPA certified laboratory services to support system design, troubleshooting, and R & D activities. As a small company with a strong research and development heritage, we are on the cutting edge of many new technologies and rapidly assimilate the latest developments into our products and services.

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